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***Casting : Tuesday January 13th 2015 at 7.45pm at the Attfield***

A warm-hearted and very funny play about the lives, laughs and loves of a group of women and one man who attend a weekly tap-dancing class in a dingy church hall.
The class is run by ex-professional dancer Mavis, who is "ably-assisted" by the grumpy Mrs Fraser on the piano. The characters are a diverse group who, outside of this environment, would not be compatible.
They all have their own reasons for joining the class, learning to dance not really a priority!
As the play progresses their dancing and camaraderie improves to such an extent that by their grand charity show performance they have been transformed into triumphant tappers.
The play is very much character-driven, they need to come alive off the page! Ages can be flexible, and adjusted to suit the team.

Cast List - 9 women, 1 man

Mavis - Ex-pro dancer, from the chorus, runs the class slightly wearily. Enjoys being back in the spotlight when planning the charity show.
"I did understudy the lead a couple of times, but never went on, nearly, but not quite" "Let's take it right back from the top ..... and it's 5,6,7,8....."
Mrs Fraser - The pianist who spends more time reading her magazine and complaining. A no-nonsense Northern woman who prides herself on her pessimism. Likes to wear a knitted hat!
"In my opinion it's about time that so-called man of yours got himself a job"
"Hats and sticks - you're asking for trouble".
Maxine - Attractive, sharp and shrewd. A good dancer, quite showy and jokey. Runs her own clothes shop.
"How about a nice leotard Geoffrey - if you don't fancy wearing it now you can wear it on the beach - plenty of room for his wallet!!"
"Don't tell anyone but I used to be an Ovaltinie".
Andy - An unhappily married do-gooder with no self-confidence. She is tall, and rather inclined to stoop as though ashamed of her height.
"You don't think, umm, sleeves, do you?"
"I come (here) because its the only thing in the week I do for me. Everything else is for other people".
Sylvia - Cheerful and bubbly, takes the class so she can see her friends every week. Her bright and outrageous clothing accentuate her over-ample curves. Always chewing gum. "I can't think and move at the same time. It's not natural".
"You coming for a drink after?"
Vera - Snobby, and as proper as a pin. Expensive clothes and immaculate make-up - but slightly high-class tart. Obsessed with cleaning.
"I hope you don't mind me asking, but...."
"By the way, I'm thinking of making some curtains for the changing room window".
Dorothy - Timid, anxious, works in Social Security. Repeats the end of the last sentence, as in agreement. Arrives in her cycling gear, complete with fluorescent safety harness.
"Was I alright in the middle bit Mavis?" "I know I'm not married but I'm entitled to some sort of life, aren't I?"
Rose - Bright and bold. Has little sense of rhythm but loves every minute of it. When she makes a mistake, she smiles broadly. Wears a large crucifix and a wig.
"(his dinner) was already in the bin, so I threw the bin at him!"
"I've got enough trouble. Look at me, if the bloody wig isn't falling off I'm knocking myself senseless with the crucifix".
Lynne - The youngest member of the group, eager to please and takes dancing very seriously. Never wears make-up and her skin glows healthily.
"It was really good, look in the mirror, your back's ever so straight and everything"
"I didn't realise I'd be so upset - fine nurse I am"
Geoffrey - The lone, slightly shy and awkward male. The sort of man who doesn't like being noticed, and very often isn't. Struggles to take the cling film off his sandwich.
"Umm, someone's left their lights on, I think it's you, er.... Mavis".
"I'd be quite happy to change places or ......".

At the casting, there will also be a dance/movement audition, with Lisa Van der Horst, my dance-director. (If you have tap-shoes, bring them along)
*Tap-dancing rehearsals led by Lisa will start in February; and full rehearsals week beginning March 2nd.*

I do hope to see you at the castings - it is a fantastic play.
Scripts will be available prior to the casting if you wish to see one.

Best Wishes

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